Wow! Is that even a sentence? / The Mentalist

The Mentalist – S02E19 – Blood Money
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney),

Jane at court house

Jane: Wow! Is that even a sentence?
The judge: Quiet in the gallery! You say another word and you’ll regret it.
Jane: Well, I’m sorry your honor but this woman is spatting nothing but ludicrous petty forgery and I’m a little hungry.
Lisbon: Your honor if you’ll let me down I can handle him.
The judge: Well Mr. Jane. That is your name, correct?
Jane: That is correct; Patrick Jane.
The judge: Well, this court here by finds you 1000 dollars.
Jane: Make it 2000 and let me tell this tiresome woman to move it along.
The judge: 2000 then!
Jane: Okay.

Judge Hildred (William Lucking), Dana Munn (Mia Riverton), ADA Marc Odenthal (Stephen Spinella), Cale Sylvan (John Ales), Jayden Flower (Dwayne L. Barnes)