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Magic Tricks are fun to reveal. So, in part 3 of our Magic Videos series, we’ll be revealing some of the greatest tricks performed on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, or even by famous magicians like Dynamo. So, be it the street magic prank like ‘man cut in half’ or leaning back completely like the Matrix, now you’ll know the secrets behind each and every one of these famous magic tricks.
Below is the featured list of the magic tricks revealed:
At number 5: Lean Back Levitation (By Dynamo)
At number 4: Identical Twins Magic Act (Tony and Jordan – America’s Got Talent)
At number 3: Sword Stabbing Trick (James More – Britain’s Got Talent)
At number 2: Split Man Trick
At number 1: Produce Card Out Of Thin Air

So guys, which magic secret would you like us to reveal in our next video?
Tell us in the comments, and we’ll be ready with the secret the next time around.
Thanks for watching!

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