World's 10 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #5 | Dynamo | AGT | David Blaine | FactoFusion

Be it Smoothini’s salt trick in America’s Got Talent or Richard Jones’s card trick in Britain’s Got Talent, many famous magicians have won quite a lot of praise with their brilliant magic tricks, in which they transforms and fools everyone. But still, there are a lot of tricks whose secrets are still unknown and everyone wants to decode what’s behind the scenes, and if possible get their secrets exposed.
So, in part 5 of our magic series video, we’ll be finally exposing the secrets behind the world’s 10 Greatest Magic Tricks.

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Below is the featured list of the world’s 10 greatest magic tricks revealed:
At number 10: Smoothini’s German Salt Trick (America’s Got Talent)
At number 9: Jamie Raven’s Gold Fish (Britain’s Got Talent)
At number 8: Dynamo’s Shard Levitation Stunt
At number 7: Coin through Glass Trick
At number 6: Spoon Bending Illusion
At number 5: Walking through a Brick wall
At number 4: The vanishing Liquid Trick
At number 3: David Blaine’s Cigarette through a Coin Trick
At number 2: David Copperfield Disappears Statue of Liberty
At number 1: Richard Jones’s Card Trick (Britain’s Got Talent)

So guys, which magic secrets would you like us to reveal in our upcoming Magic Reveal videos?
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