What Your HAND Reveals About Your BRAIN – Mentalism Trick

In mentalism, understanding how to read someone’s body to uncover facts about their brain is very important. In this mentalism video, I explain the connection between the structure of your hand and your mind. This mentalism trick is useful for predicting someone’s personality by looking at only their hand.

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Digit Ratio:
There are very many papers regarding this finding, search “2D:4D ratio”. Digit Ratio, by Dr. Manning, is an excellent book devoted to this topic.

Ring Choice:
This was popularized by Neil Strauss, in his book The Game. It’s a common “reading” done to impress women in the “pickup community”. There’s no hard science behind this because it’s rather trivial, but it’s popular because many believe it could actually be true. Search “Style’s Ring Technique” for more info.

Simian Crease:
A study by Robert J. Lerer who found the incidence of simian and Sydney palmar creases was 2 to 3 times higher in the hyperactive children population than in the controls. This tendency was described to be slightly stronger for the simian crease than the Sydney line, but was significant in boys as well as girls. Another study by R.S. Bali, found it related to delinquent behavior because a higher than usual number of prisoners appeared to have the line. Handresearch.com has run several small studies on simian lines, giving participants the “Big Five Personality Test”, and the line was highly correlated to introversion and neuroticism.