What am I thinking by Marc Spelmann Mentalism DVD – Magic Nevin Product Promo


Walk into a room, and walk out knowing EVERYTHING. Pure, no-setup mind-reading at its best. NINE REPUTATION-MAKERS.

Marc Spelmann knows A LOT. How to read minds, construct spine-tingling routines backed up with bullet-proof methods. But most importantly, he knows how to FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT.

“What Am I Thinking” is full of powerful tricks that convince people you have SUPERNATURAL POWERS.

Learn material that Marc performs every time he has a show. Don’t worry if you don’t perform for celebrities, they work on regular people too!

“Mark Spelmann knows how to create a stunning piece of mentalism” -Banachek

“BRILLIANT.” -Richard Osterlind


WORDS – Marc’s AWESOME anytime anywhere book test.

GALLERY – Mind-reading with a spectators phone.

CALCULISM – Predict the total of a spectators chosen digits. Uses a BORROWED iPhone and rates off-the-charts for impossibility.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – An entire routine with a wrist-watch. Know the randomly selected time chosen by a spectator, know a thought-of time.

CARBON – Marc’s go to drawing duplication for close up mind reading.

Not for the faint-of-heart. Inhale corn kernels and produce them from your mouth and eyelid.

TRANSMISSION – Spectator reads YOUR mind by producing an image that you’re thinking of.

VOQUED – An incredible thought-reading trick using psychometry and an incredible method to gain a spectator’s thought.

DIRECTION – Visual mentalism using psychic energy to find a card.

Running Time Approx 148 minutes.