Watch a Live Hypnosis Session [WITH ME Series Part 1]

Understand your subconscious limiting beliefs & how to overcome them:

In this video, watch MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson participate in a live hypnosis session with world-renowned hypnotherapist Grace Smith. This is Part 1 of MedCircle’s “With Me” YouTube Series.

“Close your eyes, and take a nice, deep, letting-go breath…”

Grace Smith has helped tens of thousands of people overcome anxiety, symptoms of depression, insomnia, and more through the healing power of hypnosis. She now helps Olympic athletes, celebrities, and CEOs remove subconscious blocks through hypnotherapy and really utilize hypnosis for success. Many of her clients, believe it or not, also leverage hypnosis for confidence.

A question Grace hears a lot is, “is hypnosis real?” The word “hypnotize” has been wildly misconstrued by the media and entertainment industry. While there are non-credentialed “stage hypnotists” out there, real hypnosis is a research-backed type of therapy that has the power to heal the mind, and in some cases, even the body.

This video sheds light on what a hypnosis session actually looks like. You’ll see it’s very similar to guided meditation. No swinging watches, no clucking chickens. It’s a real, effective type of therapy.

In this session, Kyle focuses on binge eating that stems from anxiety. He tackles negative thoughts, how to use that energy in a more positive way, and how to find the motivation to maintain healthier habits and avoid emotional eating.

Even if you don’t need a full-blown hypnotherapy session, self hypnosis has the power to calm you, reduce negativity, and with practice, it can help you access your “higher self” by allowing you to more easily access your subconscious.

You can access self hypnosis resources and other hypnosis recordings at Grace Space Hypnosis. Additionally, Grace’s Hypnotherapy school trains high-quality licensed hypnotherapists:

Thanks for watching Part 1 of MedCircle’s WITH ME Series.