VETERANS with PTSD – Guided Hypnosis & Meditation for Sleep and Relaxation (vol 2 evening version)

This track has dreamy soft background music with a sleep countdown at the end. Best suited for listening at bedtime to help you sleep. Suitable for repeated listening.

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Every year as thousands of veterans return home from deployment, many of them are profoundly changed and some even find it difficult to reintegrate back into their communities and daily life. Sadly the statistics for the U.S. alone are an average of 22 suicides a day as some find their personal inner struggle too much to bear.

Special thanks to U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division, Forward Operating Base Union III in support of the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve, for their photo contributions from Baghdad locations and supporting this project. Photo credits MAJ Scott McGeoch (ADF).
Video and cover artwork featuring:

CW3 James Ellington (U.S. Army)
MAJ Scott McGeoch (ADF)
1LT Allison Harvey (U.S. Army)
SPC Jacob Breckenridge (U.S. Army)
PFC Zak Hogan (U.S. Army)

About PTSD and this recording:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition caused by an external traumatic event, the memory of which for the time being is too painful and traumatic to be processed and filed away “into long term storage” by the mind. While it remains unprocessed and “in the holding bay”, anything that triggers the memory of it causes the person to feel as though they are re-living the event as though it’s happening now (associating into the memory) and triggering all the physiological responses that go with it, much the same way as a phobia.

Some of the symptoms are: Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, flashbacks, irritability, aggression, guilt, substance abuse, poor concentration, trouble sleeping and nightmares, suicidal thoughts, hyper-vigilance and being easily startled.

PTSD should always be dealt with by a medical professional. This soothing recording can help with relaxation and sleep, while it also has beneficial messages and post hypnotic suggestions specifically for veterans.

This recording contains among other things a double dissociation induction to help process the memory a little bit at a time. To dissociate means to NOT see it through your own eyes but to watch yourself having the experience, making it less subjective or personal. To double dissociate means to remove yourself from it one more time, to watch yourself watching yourself. By doing this the listener can begin to process the memory of the event in a more detached way. The objective is to help process the traumatic memory and remove the emotional charge from it, so that the mind can accept that the traumatic event is something that happened in the past and there is nothing to fear now.


*This production is intended for your relaxation.

*DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. Only listen when you can relax safely and completely.

*This recording can compliment but should not replace any traditional medical care. If you suffer from depression or anxiety or any serious health concerns, please consult your doctor. If you are under the care of a doctor please continue to do so.
Background music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio.

Written and Produced by ©2016 Lina Grace. All rights reserved.