Very Easy Card Force – Beginner Magic – How To Do Card Tricks – Magic School Magic School #22 Final Countdown. Easy Card Force.

“I want to do easy magic tricks with cards but the cards just seem to slip out of my hands. Why can everyone else seem to do card tricks except me?”

I have had a number of emails recently just like the one above. This one was from an eleven year old boy. Another similar one by a fifteen year old girl and two more from adults, both over 40 years old. As you can see, not everyone finds doing magic tricks easy. But these people are likely to be good at other things in their lives – we are all good at different things – so how come they become a klutz with a pack of playing cards in their hand? Find part of the answer here.

Julian’s Magician School has easy magic tricks, funny stuff to make them entertaining plus lots of confidence boosting tips to help you do magic shows.

Full of magic tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, paper magic, mind tricks, optical illusions, free magic downloads at Click on Julian’s Magician School.

Julian is a professional magician and family guy. He doesn’t do magic like Criss Angel and David Blaine. Why? Here’s the secret they don’t like you to know. Their cool magic is only for TV and YouTube. True. Their street magic scares people off in the real world. It’s fun to watch but remember they create illusions.

I’ll help you take beginner magic tricks (or all the legend cool tricks you have learnt on YouTube) and turn them into something you can use to make people laugh.

You can even make money as a magician. The secret is to be likeable and smile.



  1. Just say, "I'm sorry, these cards have just reached their shuffle limit. You'll have to wait until next week when the shuffle credits are are recharged" Put a big SMILE on your face when you say it. If the still want to shuffle, then you just have to find another trick or another audience.

  2. Julian, you've got the trusting voice and persona to have a wildly successful children's show. How do I know? Even at 35 yrs old, you somehow make me believe in myself and push the limits of my abilities with the grace and seeming wisdom of a grandfather. Simply awesome. Thank you for that.

  3. Hey pal. Did you ever think about pretending to be an idiot? It might be a good style for you. I'm not joking. You could be one of those magicians who has things accidentally go right for him, like the magician who cannot find the card, but it's in an envelop on the other side of the room. I've never been a big fan of being "confident" and "cocky" on stage or in my closeup routines. This sometimes works for me. Other times, I have no personality and let my moves work for me.

  4. You look great in black,by the way! I'm kinda emo so I wear nothing but solid black all the time…jus sayin. I LOVE you're magic tricks! You've taught me ALOT! The splitting headache trick got great responses by my friends! You are great! Keep up the good work,Julian! You're the best!

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