Utsukushii by Fraser Parker – Mentalism Magic Trick Review

Creator: Fraser Parker
Publisher: (self pubished)
MSRP: $40
Skill Level: ALL
Book length: 16 pages
Type of effect: 4 number mental reveal

Retailers please visit: http://www.murphysmagic.com/streaming/product.aspx?id=54645

Utsukushii, the billet-less pin reveal, is a sure fire way to guess a single digit number someone is only thinking of, without anything having to be written down or props of any kind. It can then be used to work out other numbers such as pin codes, phone locks and entire phone numbers. If you would like to be able to reveal the pin numbers of strangers you meet or guess numbers which only exist as thoughts in a person’s mind, using only words, then this method is for you. NO dual reality is used. NO stooges or instant stooges. It can be used close up or on stage with a 100% success rate. It’s elegant, it’s clean and it’s direct.

Key Points:
It can be used anytime, anywhere!
It’s a prop-less effect.
No stooges are used.
It’s easy to perform.
It’s a solid method.