Types of Meditation Techniques (Only 2) | Emily Fletcher

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There are 2 types of meditation techniques. There are many deep, deep misconceptions about meditation. These misconceptions oftentimes cause people to think that they have failed at meditation, and in turn, stray from the practice. Meditation expert, Emily Fletcher, is here to greatly widen your scope of what meditation is, and what it’s not.

An all-too-common meditation myth is that meditation only happens when you completely stop thinking. If you go into meditation with this unrealistic expectation, you may feel like you are doing it all wrong.

You aren’t.

No one can give their mind a command to stop thinking — that’s like trying to give your heart a command to stop beating. The only time our brain is flatlined, is when we are dead.

On top of deconstructing common meditation myths, Emily Fletcher gives you tools that are made for YOU, not for monks. Monks live entirely different, reclusive lives.

The point of meditation is to get good at LIFE, not meditation.

It’s time to meditate, for real.


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01:46 The point of meditation

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