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America’s Got Talent, also known as AGT is one of the best talent shows around the world. But, it wouldn’t have been a Huge success without the role of some amazing Magicians. But, their famous magic tricks are still a mystery for most of the people. So, be it Kenichi Ebina making his head fall off his body completely, or Demian Aditya’s Scaring Death Drop escape, in this video, we have tried our best to reveal the top secrets behind AGT’s greatest magic tricks of all time.

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Featuring America’s Got Talent’s 5 greatest magic tricks revealed:
At number 5: Head Drop Illusion (By Kenichi Ebina)
At number 4: Smoothini’s German Salt Trick
At number 3: Identical Twins Magic Act (By Tony and Jordan)
At number 2: Snowman Trick (By Mat Franco)
At number 1: Demian Aditya’s Death Drop Escape

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