Top 10 Secrets to Reading Body Language Revealed!

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  1. The best gesture you could make is this… Take your hand and point your finger upward, then take that finger and pointed downwards until it clicks your mouse causing you to share this video with friends! Thank you!

  2. Even osterlind says its better to screw up once in a while.let ppl see your human. I forget the video.i watched. And he messed up on a effect. But in explanations he told ppl its better to be batman.then a superman..batman is a man. He makes mistakes.he can be hurt.superman.without kryptonite.he has you beat every time.and its true. So he let the mistake be published. And he told the director keep it in.mentalism isn't 100%

  3. Please make more videos about this! This subject is really helpful for me because I'm autistic (high functioning, but autistic) I get myself into tons of awkward situations because I only understand obvious body language. This subject could really help me, and lots of other people on the spectrum. Please make more vids, thanks.

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