The Truth about Demon Magicians
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  1. This is a real thing, Demons do exists. I have seen many tricks even how they performed. Some of them are simply camera tricks but some are not with explanation. And dynamo looks to me like a looser who wanted fame, money… to he signed contract with mr. devil (or whatever is his name). The price for selling souls is too high.

  2. Dude have you ever heard of Simeon Toko? Have you ever heard of shamans? Spiritual healers? It's real. Divination is something that has been going on for thousands of years. People channel spirits for supernatural gain all the time. Just because you never seen it or just don't know how to do it yourself doesn't mean it can't be done. So stop being such a dumb skeptic and wake up.

  3. If demons exist and if these tricks are all performed with their aid, they must belong to a group of low level, unaspiring and underperforming devils. Maybe they're kindergartners from hell.
    It would seem that a real demon dedicated to the spread of mischief, madness, murder and mayhem would have bigger things on his 'to do' list than sticking coins into coke cans…All of these tricks attributed to dark supernatural forces either have been or will be explained. It's all slight of hand involving some very expensive props that are never what they appear to be. Take away all of the magician's props, behind the scenes preparation, cooperative camera angles and audience plants and ask him to perform his tricks cold before a panel of professional skeptics who will supply every item he asks for, coke can, fish tank and even the clothes he will wear….and what do you think will happen? I'll bet you the demons will take the day off and the magician will end up telling jokes…

  4. Hi. Please read this to the end. I watched this video and had a lot of comments that I wanted to make. First, the magic u see in these videos is real magic. The fire in the hands trick is a little box that u can hold in the palm of you hand. This box is a fire maker box that is used or this type of magic. This is not satanic. The water into wine trick is the same thing. The magician uses what's called a thumb tip. This is a fake thumb that u can get In a magic shop that can hold water, powder substances, and even small animals. The powder from the thumb tip is what causes the water to turn into wine. The only person who has ever actually turned water into wine is Jesus. So again this isn't satanic. I was listening to u speaking about how u would like to get into the demonic side of magic. Let's talk about that. U are messing with fire. Satan and evil is not what u want. I haven't ever had a live encounter with satan but I am a Christian who gets terrorized by Satan everyday. He temps me, accuses me, terrorizes me, and the only reason why Satan can't hurt me is because I have Jesus Christ on my side. That is the difference between me and u. U are not a Christian, which means that u have asked Jesus into your heart and you are filled with Jesus spirit in u. This is what u need. U need to turn away from evil and to the light of Jesus. Evil is not what u want. Satan's job is to steal, kill and destroy. Also u were talking about how if u had an encounter with Satan how u would do something different. Let me tell u that is not an encounter you want. The reason u don't want that encounter is because yes u could make a deal with satan as possibly get something out of it. But at the end what u got is gone. The end/eternity if u choose to follow satan and evil is hell. This is not a place u want to go to. It isn't a place where u learn about how to do magic and u sit around a table having fun with evil. Hell is a place of torment, and a lake of fire that people who don't follow satan, and evil is thrown into. That is eternity for the people who don't turn way from evil. The good news is that Jesus Christ died on a cross to save us from our sins. Sin is anything that is not in line with what Jesus wants for u such as lying, stealing, cheating, the list goes on. He died though for all of that so that we wouldn't have to die in eternity in hell. He died so that u could live in eternity with him/Jesus. That sounds a whole lot better than spending one second in a lake of fire. So if u want to turn away from evil All u have to do is say this prayer.
    This is for everyone reading this.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and evil and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.
    In Jesus name amen.

    Now if u said this prayer please reply to this message and say Christian and I will message u back with some details about going to church baptism and all that. Please understand that I said everything out of love and not judgement. I love you and I really hope u all make the right choice to come to Jesus and make him lord of your life. If u have any questions please feel free to reply to this message as well. God bless.

  5. God is as good a word as any for things that science can't yet explain. And even if and when science can explain DNA and the creation of the cosmos etc…it still can't explain what MADE these amazing things…But,,,,still…ALL the gibberish about demons is so stupid. All these things you believe aren't seen first person…it's all media images. It is amazing what some fool on the street will be willing to tell a camera for 20 dollars,,,,All the examples given are deployed on YouTube or some easily manipulated media. At best it's just computer graphics….Yif, Shin Lim, Copperfield have all been exposed as hoaxes…at present copperfield just went through a bust where he was compelled in open court to reveal his methods….Demonology was popular when the earth was believed to be flat.

    Proponents of demonology as an explanation for obvious computer graphic technology are basically idiots, if they really are so stupid they believe that…I was friends with a very famous magician and we would joke about this stupidity. It's great for magicians…it popularizes them even more…like the old saying…there is no such thing as bad publicity….If a guy pulling a rabbit out of a hat is a demon…then what was Einstein or Beethoven…Satan himself?

    The biggest fools and suckers on earth are religious people….you can sell them anything…They are so weak minded that they believe tricks are REAL…and actually are playing right into the hands of the pros who have got them to actually believe the tricks they are employing. …And since 99% of what you think is demonic is being shown you on an electric screen…it is fantastically easy to trick you. There is all the evidence imaginable that these tricks are just tricks…and ZERO EVIDENCE that your Medieval explanations carry weight. To ridiculous to debate further…too imbecilic….

  6. I don't know your heart but ask JESUS to show you the right path. He'll talk to anybody, anytime. He's everywhere all the time. Just trust him and admit and confess your sins. Everybody that's on the wrong side of this battle will instantly regret it after death, guaranteed. With no way out for eternity. The worldly riches and fame these people get is NOT worth it. The same demons that are serving them now will be torturing and brutalizing them in Hell. They won't be smiling after this life.

  7. You not beig privy to demonic possession doesn't mean it's not used. And his hand wasn't hot when he touched it it got hot and hotter the longer he touched it…. This is a dumb vid by a dumb guy there's thousands of hrs of proof demons help a lot not all but a lot of magicians you will be privy to demons soon enough sir….😎

  8. This dude can't give you an actual and creditable judgement on the matter! Listen to what he's saying! Blasphemous cursing as if it's comedic! You can't be patient enough to wait upon the Lord and receive his gifts/crown? You're already doing the bidding of Satan and you're sick in the mind! Repent while you still can! You show an extreme lacking of class dude! And you're not cool at all!

  9. When i do spiritual healing even over the distance and someone´s quite ill, My palms get as well very Hot!! And the one i send that healing 2, will feel it Hot as well as i do. I even feel that person over the distance, when he walks around, and so on, even with Pets.@ 6:55!
    When yo take a wine Bottle, closed and place it inside a Pyramid, a wine Pyramid, it may get turned into very Tasty wine or taste like Water but the color stays. Even the cheapest Wine will turn over into an excellent Wine after a month! I know because i did it!

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