The power of probably (is the next James Bond a hypnotist?!) | Matt Hale | TEDxUWA

Hypnotist and mindset expert, Matt Hale, shows you how to use the Power of Probably to open up a world of opportunity. Could it lead to him becoming the next James Bond though? As unlikely as that seems, Matt believes this simple mindhack of thinking “I can probably do that” has been responsible for his diverse career from international DJ to radio/TV presenter to comedy hypnotist and keynote speaker. So why not replacing Daniel Craig as the next 007?! Matt shows you how you can use this positive way of thinking to create your own happiness and success. Originally growing up in the UK, Matt was already establishing himself as a radio and club DJ by the age of 15. By his twenties he was a presenter on a UK breakfast radio show. Then he moved to Australia and made his mark at Triple M and 96FM (and more recently as a presenter for a Channel 9 TV travel show)

However, an old fascination of Matt’s hit the spotlight and forever changed the playing field…the world of hypnosis and the mind.
Quick backstory—at Matt’s 21st birthday party there had been a hypnotist. Ever since then he’s been utterly fascinated by the idea of what the human mind could achieve if given the right environment and encouragement. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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