The Mentalist S01E01 P01

– Hello, Mrs. Tolliver.
– Who are you?
– My name’s Patrick Jane.
I’m here to help you.
Would you like a cup of tea?
– Yes, I would. Thank you.
– You must be tired.
Why don’t you sit down?
It’s nice and quiet in here, isn’t it?
Quiet, soothing, calm.
I’ve been watching you and your husband…
…and I want you to know that I understand what you’re feeling right now.
– You have no idea.
Believe me.
– I do. I know.
I know, and I wanna help you.
– You can’t help me.
What do you know?
– All sorts of things.
You really only pretend to like skiing, right?
– Yes, but…
– You’re pleased that your best friend recently gained some weight.
About 10 pounds. You wish you’d been more adventurous when you were younger.
You love India, but you’ve never been there.
You have trouble sleeping.
Your favorite color…
…is blue.
– I don’t understand. You’re…?
You’re psychic?
– Ha, no.
Just paying attention.
I used to make a good living pretending to be a psychic.
I tell you this because I want you to understand…
…there’s no point hiding things from me.
– Hiding what?
– You know what I see when I look at your husband?
I see a warm, loving, generous man.
A little vain, maybe. Selfish. Controlling.
But a decent man.
– Yes.
– So why do you suspect him of murdering your daughter?
– I don’t.
The McCluskey boy did it.
– Yes, that’s what the police say.
But you think they’re wrong. Why?
– I don’t know. I don’t know. I…
– Tell me.
– The last year, they have been so strange with each other.
And neither one would admit that anything was wrong. And I think that…
I think that she tried to tell me once, and I didn’t… I…
God. Oh, God.
– Did you ask him if he killed her?
– What would he say?
– Most wives can tell when their husbands are lying.
– Yes. Yes.
I… I don’t want… Uh…
The McCluskey boy did it.
– Maybe.
– You think he did it too?
– I trust a mother’s instinct.
– June?
There you are.
Hi. Who are you?
– I’m the police.
Did you kill your daughter?
– How dare you?
– I asked you a simple question, sir.
Did you kill your daughter?
– No. I did not kill my daughter.
– Oh.
– Now, you get the hell out of my house.
June, what’s the matter with you?
I’m gonna have your badge.
– An innocent man would’ve punched me by now.
– I am gonna make life miserable for you.
You come in here, you accost my wife.
You cause trouble, uh…
June, honey, please…
– Move, move!
– Hey.
– Honestly, it’s not as bad as it looks.
– Mrs. Tolliver? Mrs. Tolliver? Please wait.
– Front room’s clear.