The Manifestation Formula for 2019 that Works Like Magic

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This video is about The Manifestation Formula for 2019 that Works Like Magic

this video I’m going to be sharing with you the manifestation formula for 2019. This is going to revolutionize the way you go about manifestation and make the process so much easier. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you that have the manifestation formula that you can use for 2019. Now, many things are changing on the planet. You may feel that the vibrations are switching on the planet. Maybe you feel like in the last month, the vibrations have shifted quite a bit. For some people, this means that things are being brought up. For other people, it may just mean that they feel this buzzing feeling and for some other people, they may say that there’s not much of a difference. However, regardless, there is this quickening of vibration that is happening on the planet and because of this quickening of vibration, more and more people are able to refine their own light.

They’re able to refine, let go of what doesn’t serve and really be in a high vibrational state. Now the old ways, the old ways for looking about the law of attraction was like, here I am here. I want to be work, work, work, work, goal myself, 2000, 19 New Year’s resolutions. All these things I’m going to try to do, but that gets sometimes results, sometimes not because the thing is is you have to link up your self image to that of the goals that you’re trying to achieve. You see, it’s not about trying to achieve anything. It’s about becoming the best version of you in bodying who you really are doing your passion and as are in that higher vibrational state, these goals that you have happened as a side effect, so it’s about understanding the process in a new way of understanding. This is more about us raising our vibration than it is about us actually achieving some external goal, and the more we realize this, the more we begin to tap into this larger reservoir of energy of who we are because you see this is the thing.

More and more people on the planet right now are going through a spiritual awakening. Now, spiritual awakening is where we realize that we are not just our ego, our ego is something we use, and in the old school law of attraction way of thinking about it, a lot of the things that are designed are ego based. Not doesn’t mean it’s all bad. It just means that we’re like, this is what I want. I, yeah, I and there isn’t much emphasis put on vibration put on raising our own vibration because the, the way we went about it is mainly through willpower. Now, willpower will get you pretty far. You can even say, Oh, I’m going to new year’s resolution. I’m not going to eat chocolate or soda anymore, and you can do that and you will get results with that. However, most people fall off because they focus more on that than they do the person.

They will become then seeing themselves as already healthy, seeing themselves as already able to achieve what they want. So a lot of this has to do with self image. A lot of this has to do with understanding vibration and when you make it more about the vibration, the goals come as a side effect anyways, so where in your life right now may you maybe you’re focused on some type of external goal and external benchmark in the mind of achieving something and where is it that maybe by looking at it like this, you are in a way going about it backwards. Maybe in a way it’s. It’s like a carrot on a stick that’s making you go in a certain direction, but that carrot on a stick is making you not enjoy where you currently are. You see 2019 is going to be a year of understanding our vibration and how to raise it.

So when it comes to this process, what I’m saying is that’s first off, raise our vibration. Let’s focus on raising our vibration because as we raise our vibration, everything else will happen anyways, and whether you knew it or not, when you came to Earth, you chose to be a part of this evolution of consciousness. This transformation that’s happening on the planet right now, and if you want more information on this, you can check out dolores cannon’s work. She has over 17 books that were all…

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This video is about The Manifestation Formula for 2019 that Works Like Magic