The Law of Mentalism Pt 4: The All In All – The Kybalion…True understanding is True Power!

In 2001 I published the book “How to Escape Mental a Welfare” as a guide to achieving the greatness that life has to offer in abundance.

This process has helped me over the decades and all my clients have benefited from the lessons of this book and my coaching.

Take the time to grow yourself into the greatest version of yourself.

Life will take it’s shots at you and if you are not prepared Hermetically you will find yourself on the receiving end of a battered life.

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  1. I had a similar discussion with a couple of Christians a couple of years ago. We got into a discussion about John 10:34 which they never read but the fact that I told them we are all gods I was looked upon as blaspheming. To explain it, I used their surnames, for example "Smith". Although Smith is your surname that doesn't make you your dad, grandad, great grandad, but you all share the same Smith Blood, surname, and physical characteristics. They are not "The Smith" but "A Smith" being part of "The Smith Clan". It made sense to them but they were in internal conflict.

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