The Jacks Rob a Bank | Cool Card Trick

Alright guys, so in this video I just go over a really neat trick involving the four jacks. Its great for beginners who are looking to step out of the beginner world and into the intermediate level. I also reveal the winner of the deck giveaway and also give a shoutout to a fellow YouTuber.

Winner of Deck Giveaway – Neil Maczka

ItsAllAnIllusionXx –

Music –
How Its Supposed To Be Done – Marques Kincaid



  1. You know, I've been surfing YouTube for a year, … about Magic and Card Magic , I find it interesting that, most Card Gaffs use a pinkie break. However I've never found an explanation or an example of a "PINKIE BREAK" it seems YouTube could use a "REAL" teacher.. When it comes to the vernacular of slight..

  2. Even better option is to actually do ripple shuffle with gaps, to confuse spectators even more, so that they think that those 3 cards that you put in are actually randomized even more + could even use another card as a big jackpot, but that might get much harder – after taking our 3 Jacks, you take out another one, the big jackpot, bag of cash, ace (Aka makes the story even more interesting)

  3. Mine was the three burglars who broke into a house. One goes through the window. One goes through the back door and one goes through the front door. A cop (a king) shows up and chases them around the house three times (Cut the deck three times). They get caught. He calls for back up and the three burglars are in the house (deck) each with a cop escort. (King, Jack, King, Jack, King,Jack)

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