The dangers of hypnosis and hypnotherapy

A short extract from a talk by Ivan Tyrrell, Principal of Human Givens College, in which he explores some common misconceptions and dangers of modern hypnotherapy.

He explains why great efforts to learn about the importance of the REM state should be undertaken before attempting to use trance states in therapy.

Hypnosis is the word we use to describe any technique which artificially gains access to the REM state the most fundamental process in any human being. Like an internal theatre the REM state is that in which our instincts are programmed, our unfulfilled emotional expectations are acted out metaphorically (in dreams) and through which new knowledge enters us via mystical experiences.

When therapists use guided imagery and trance states in their work they should do so with the lightest touch possible, as accessing the REM state in this way without sufficient knowledge and awareness of its power can damage the patient.

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