The COIN MATRIX // Jumping Coin Trick Tutorial

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The Coin Matrix is literally one of my favorite magic tricks ever. It’s incredibly strong, visual, and practical. Everything I look for in a magic effect! This is quite a simple version of the trick but it’s one of the best in my opinion. It doesn’t require any prior preparation and can be performed without any gimmicks or special coins. Please do practice this a good amount before sharing it with anyone. The “moves” needed to perform this trick aren’t all that complicated at all, but it’s important to practice enough to get all of the movements to be smooth and with a good rhythm. Hope you enjoy!

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The Coin Matrix and the pick-up move is credited to Al Schneider.

Song is “Sapphire” by Tobu.



  1. Please don't listen to those people who say you talk too much. They are the ones who just want the secrets with no finesse. I find that the added info you bring to your explanations (AND the fact that you urge people to practise this trick, despite it being relatively simple) is just perfect. Thank you for this and all your videos. I'm a huge fan!

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