The Classic Pass – Advanced Sleight Of Hand Tutorial

Deck I Used (Contraband Playing Cards – Theory11):

Hey everyone! This is an insanely valuable sleight that you must learn. It can be used as a completely invisible way to control a selection. While its a bit difficult, with practice makes perfect! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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1. Find a performance of a trick on YouTube that you would like to see on my channel, or even film yourself performing the trick and upload it to YouTube.

2. Copy that YouTube link and go to the community page on my channel. (You have to be on a computer to go onto the community page, unfortunately it doesn’t show up on mobile devices)

3. Comment in the page: (whatever you want to say really… like “please teach this!” Or “I would love it if you revealed this!” Something like that.) Then PASTE the link to the performance in your comment.

4. Post your comment! And I will for sure look at everyones request! The people’s tricks that I like will get a special shoutout and a tutorial for the trick in a future video!