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  1. I've seen Keith Barry do this trick but he looked away before the person put the cups on then he mixed them up then the person mixed them up again. then Keith put on a blind fold and had the person pick which cups to smash. How would he do that?

  2. Ummm hell no! No way am I going to trust someone else when they could easily take the screw out and put in into another cup when your turned around. This isn't a magic trick, it's just a high risk, zero reward game. Plus this isn't even impressive, it's obvious how it is done. Most magicians don't get paid much and don't need to risk injury just to try impressing strangers that probably won't like the trick

  3. Well many things can go wrong here … two of them are 1. they could have moved the nail and place it in a different cup 2. you simply could have remembered the wrong serial number. I don't think it's a good idea to teach people tricks that can get them seriously injured. Not if you call yourself a 'magician'.

  4. There's a different way of doing it. I saw a magician do it where the spectator mixed the cups without anybody seeing then the spectator looks away and the magician mixes the cups. Then the spectator makes the choices when he genuinely doesn't know where the spike is.

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