Sleight of Hand 101 | The Time Machine (Beginner)

An in-depth tutorial on the card trick called “The Time Machine”

The Double Lift:

Jay Nation is no longer the active YouTube account associated with Sleight of Hand 101. Sleight of Hand 101 was meant to guide beginner card magicians into the realm of magic and then to push them towards higher learning through other cardistry entities. There are 31 tutorials under Sleight of Hand 101 and there will be no more posts. I understand that this may frustrate some of you, but my new media business “Milson Productions” is my passion and will lead this channel forward from here on out. I hope you can understand. Please enjoy the tutorials and, if you dare, check out some of my new creations under Milson Productions! Thank you!



  1. I really hate how every single magic tutorial starts with get a new deck of cards, or you'll need a new deck of cards cause they slide better etc. Its like, I'm not going to go out and buy 5000 decks of cards just because you think they need to be new. Ive learned most of these tricks or shuffling riffling techniques with one very broken in deck of cards, 1. I also wouldn't buy a new good deck of cards till you have gotten some experience and time in with handling the cards.

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