Sleight of Hand 101 | The Greatest Card Trick In The World (Intermediate)

An in-depth tutorial on the card trick called “The Greatest Card Trick In The World”

The Double Lift:

Jay Nation is no longer the active YouTube account associated with Sleight of Hand 101. Sleight of Hand 101 was meant to guide beginner card magicians into the realm of magic and then to push them towards higher learning through other cardistry entities. There are 31 tutorials under Sleight of Hand 101 and there will be no more posts. I understand that this may frustrate some of you, but my new media business “Milson Productions” is my passion and will lead this channel forward from here on out. I hope you can understand. Please enjoy the tutorials and, if you dare, check out some of my new creations under Milson Productions! Thank you!



  1. This trick already has a name. It's called "Red Hot Mama," and was also popularized layer by a famous Chicago magician and many called the trick "The Chicago Opener."

    And, while it's a good trick, it's definitely not the best trick. Even for just this one trick, better versions have been created.

    Finally, doing a fan is not important. The cards could just be spread, but the fan is a nice touch.

    If you are going to teach, you should tell the creator and the proper name of the trick. If you give at least the right name, they can find the creator.

    I'd prefer magic is not exposed on the Internet, but I really object to teaching wrong information.

  2. The patter is new to me, but the trick if more effective with a better slight. Use a new (coated) deck and the duplicate card, but force the card with fast misdirection.(quickly pulling the top card onto the portion of cards on which the spectator stopped and allowing him or her to memorize it.)

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