Sleight of Hand 101 | The 5 Essentials to Becoming a Card Magician

Let’s learn the 5 essentials in your quest to becoming a card magician!

Jay Nation is no longer the active YouTube account associated with Sleight of Hand 101. Sleight of Hand 101 was meant to guide beginner card magicians into the realm of magic and then to push them towards higher learning through other cardistry entities. There are 31 tutorials under Sleight of Hand 101 and there will be no more posts. I understand that this may frustrate some of you, but my new media business “Milson Productions” is my passion and will lead this channel forward from here on out. I hope you can understand. Please enjoy the tutorials and, if you dare, check out some of my new creations under Milson Productions! Thank you!



  1. Thanks for the video , man
    I Love playing cards and in fact for so long I've been watching others doing things with cards and hope that one day I can entertain myself and the others by this kind of joy
    So, thank you once again ^^
    I'll watch all your videos ^^
    Hope you understand my english I know it's not very good.

  2. I've been dabbling in card magic for about 6 months it started with the back palm and got it down. 2 question how long should I be practicing every day doing about 3 hours a day right now and two I'm 42 am I to old to be just starting can I still become good. thx love vids .let me know what you think

  3. What's up, Jay? Just wanted to say thanks for your help in getting me started on card handling. I've watched several of your tutorials and quickly mastered a few. This was the first video of yours I watched and glad I did. The mindset and persistence is just as important if not more than the technicalities of the tricks themselves. Appreciate what you do, buddy.

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