Sleight of Hand 101 | Refined (Beginner)

An in-depth tutorial on the card trick known as Refined by Josh Brand

The Cardini Change:
TG Murphy’s Deck Flip:

Jay Nation is no longer the active YouTube account associated with Sleight of Hand 101. Sleight of Hand 101 was meant to guide beginner card magicians into the realm of magic and then to push them towards higher learning through other cardistry entities. There are 31 tutorials under Sleight of Hand 101 and there will be no more posts. I understand that this may frustrate some of you, but my new media business “Milson Productions” is my passion and will lead this channel forward from here on out. I hope you can understand. Please enjoy the tutorials and, if you dare, check out some of my new creations under Milson Productions! Thank you!



  1. Thanks for sharing Jay. I have a question. Are you right or left handed? I am right handed, but for some reason the cardini flip is easier to perform with my left hand. Which messes with my head…. because it shouldnt be. I mean, I cannot even write with my left hand. Which hand to you favour?

  2. Whats up. I did not follow on the deck and bla bla.. I just focused on the flipping of the card. Nice style.. do you use misdirection and just relly on the quickness of your hands to make this illusion more real ?? Basically i dont know shit. but I have noticed when magicians in partys and shit pull of some of that shit.. my eye catches most of the action. So it got my interest and I wish to learn more.. Not that much for decks and blaaa bullshit. I want to learn how to improve my hand eye cordination and speed it up.

    Nice video..

  3. These are very simple tricks. Beginner tricks. I get that you think this is a cool thing that you're doing. You know, teaching people some simple tricks to get started into magic. BUT I DO NOT CONDONE THIS. I've spent years and years and a lot of money practicing magic. There are guys that create these tricks and sell them. That's how they make a living and you're out here showing people how to do it for free. Not cool, man. Not cool.

  4. I remeber the time when magic tricks were treated like some kind of magician holy grails…telling the secret behind it was an absolute no go…and nowadays you find tons of crazy how to do this and how to do that trick tutorials….nowadays you do not is a magician…you just think..o.k. I know how to do it, but wow he performs that trick very clean

  5. So I only got the fact that you place a flipped card in the center. You sure this is for beginners? Because you talked a lot and pointed out other videos instead of explaining this one. Also no explanation for that trick? Guess I just hover my hand over the cards or watch it in 0.25 to understand god nothing and thats it.

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