Sleep your way to health – Meditation Technique: Nithyananda

In this discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on sleep and health.

By its innate nature, you, the Consciousness, resides in pure space – the timeless, formless, nameless
space. But because of engraved memories, you see name & form, and go through time. Engraved
memories (engrams)are nothing but passing thoughts, to which you have given power by being attached
to them. Too much attachment to engrams is responsible for insomnia & all sleep disorders in your

Own your body, own your mind, own your life — this is the solution for sleeping your way to health &
Own your body – Consciously design your body as you want it with yoga – healthy and graceful.
Own your mind — Consciously design your mind in such a way that suffering cannot touch you.
Own your living — Infuse awareness into every action of your life.
Yogic body, Vedic mind, Zen living!

MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: One night, try meditating in darkness on darkness. When you sit and
meditate in darkness consciously, sleep disorder will disappear.

Understand the truth about sleep, and you will sleep your way to enlightenment!

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