Si Stebbins Card Trick Tutorial

Learn how to easily locate any card in the deck. The Si Stebbins stack is great for mentalism or prediction card tricks. Great for beginner card tricks.



  1. u can let them mix it faro riffle or any as they look away change the deck if u have table and show it is mixed they wont notice it lol my trick or drop the cards and go xown to collect them abd change it as long as u have 2 of same decks lol

  2. card trick teacher you are the best. everyone just to let you know that if you put si stebbins dcam school they show an amazing card trick using the set up. thank you for this video this allows me and surely most people to quickly set it up not one at a time having to scan through the deck thanks again.

  3. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the Video – Its very useful for setting-up the Si Stebbins stack – because sometimes I get it backwards !!
    Have you a tutorial of how you do the FALSE CUTS at 2:13 / 4:37 ??
    I love your Videos – Keep up the good work .. and Congratulation on your 1M Subscribers ..

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