Self massage and meditation for anxiety and stress relief

Anyone have anxiety? For most, the answer is a desperate “yes!” Some anxiety is good. It helps us avoid danger. But chronic anxiety wears us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are in a constant state of fight, flight, or freeze. We’re so busy, trying to cram as much as we can into as little time as possible. But anxiety gets in the way of productivity, creativity, and happiness.

Taking the time to alleviate anxiety and stress will actually save you time. Not only that, decreasing stress will allow you to enjoy your life, rather than rush through it. Without the weight of anxiety on your shoulders, you’ll have more energy and drive to do the things you want to do.

Follow along as I guide you through a meditation and relaxing self massage to help you gain body awareness, release anxiety, and ease the mind. Make this a regular practice. You can start small, with just 10 minutes a day of quiet time to yourself. If you stick with it, you will feel better, think more clearly, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. In addition, you may find yourself more productive, and less busy!

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