SELF LOVE AFFIRMATIONS (For Women Healing Family Trauma)

SELF LOVE AFFIRMATIONS (For Women Healing Family Trauma) Positive Self-love affirmations, for women. For women, healing from family trauma or family dysfunctional mind programing. Boost your self-esteem and positive self-worth.You are worthy of love! Many starts with “I am…” which is a declaration of REALITY. Some affirmations start with “You are…” affirmations, so you hear it from yourself and as if a dear friend is saying loving things to you. “I am” is very powerful, a self declaration of what is, what you want to bring forth into being.
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Self-Love Affirmations:
I say no to unreasonable demands. I feel good about myself.
I release self-criticism.
I accept praise easily.
I set clear boundaries.
I pause and reflect before responding.
I am comfortable with my power.
I have wonderful loving relationships in my life.
… and more. Some are in “you…” format….

The best times to use affirmations are first thing in the morning and late at night as you fall asleep- the mind is quieter and open to new positive suggestions- such as affirmations.


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