Self Hypnosis: Is it possible to fix myself using self hypnosis? Question: Is it possible to fix myself using self-hypnosis?

Answer: It depends on how badly you’re broken to begin with! Although technically, people aren’t broken. They work perfectly, although the programs they’re running aren’t necessarily useful. But, since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis anyway, I guess what you really mean, is what things can I work on myself and what things do I need a therapist for? Generally speaking, there are a lot of things you can fix yourself. Anxieties about upcoming speaking engagements, poor sports performance, self-esteem issues, erasing old tape loops in your head so you can move on, etc. You really need a therapist if you have any kind of trauma that needs to be released. For instance, you shouldn’t work on a very severe past event, including abuse or terrible loss without the assistance of a trained therapist. But you can strengthen your immune system, get rid of warts, make dental work more bearable, and a host of other things, especially if you use a good hypnosis recording. A well-designed hypnosis track, like my Peak Performance CD, can act as your coach to help you break through to your next level.