Schedule Yourself: 6 Easy Steps to Conquer Your Calendar

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Download a weekly schedule template:
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Why make a weekly schedule?
Time management is tough. A weekly timetable can help. You’ve got this.
Use it to plan your time and know what you need to do when.
It might take a couple weeks to get into a routine – don’t give up!
In paper or online?
Try Excel for creating a schedule you can print.
Check out the blank schedules that the library has! We’ve included a link for you.
Want to connect it to your phone? Try your U of G email calendar!
Step 1: Put your classes, labs and seminars into your weekly schedule.
Expert Tip: If you have a Distance Ed course, block at least 3 hours at the same time each week to spend on it.
Labs that happen every other week are easy to forget. Put them in your schedule, and use the off-weeks for extra study time.
Have a regular online quiz? Set aside time for that!
Got weekly group meetings for class projects? Put those in there too!
Step 2: Add other things that happen at the same time each week
Like work or volunteering.
Expert Tip: You’ve got your base weekly schedule now! You can copy this from week to week! Make changes when you need to.
Step 3: Each week, use your base schedule to plan some study time
Block off 1 hour or more of study time for every hour of class time to work on your assignments, readings and other stuff.
Are you a morning person? Study then. A night owl? Block off study time in the evening.
Step 4: What about the weekend?
Weekends are great for relaxing and having some down time, but also for getting caught up or getting a head start.
Try blocking off time on Sunday to get ready for the next week.
Expert Tip: This is a great time to make your weekly schedule.
Step 5: Add flex time
Everyone underestimates how much time it’ll take to get stuff done!
Expert Tip: Try to include at least an hour every day for those last-minute tasks.
Step 6: Keep it going! You can do it!
Even just putting together your schedule is an awesome step towards success!
Some people like to include even more details in their schedule, like including time for sleeping, eating, and going to the gym.
Others prefer to keep their schedule as simple as possible to get a general overview of the week ahead.
Whatever you decide to do, make sure you leave enough time to take care of yourself.
Either way, you’ll be more organized and you’ll know what needs to get done!
Congrats! You’re on your way to conquering your schedule.