Revealed: Marc Spelmann (Prediction Tricks) in BGT Audition 2018

Congrats to Lost Voice Guy!!

Golden buzzer act by Marc Spelmann in Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Demystified / Revealed
This video explains the concept behind his trick in BGT 2018. There is no doubt his exact method may not be the same. Here we like to present what’s the most probable. Look at it as the basic principle of their act.

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Q: I do not believe the explanation of Amanda ‘s trick.
A: That explanation was not a guess. Maddox certainly did it the way we explained. We cannot include the following video in Youtube. But you can see from from our twitter that would convince you:

Q: I do not understand. This is BS.
A: Most of our educational videos are made assuming viewers with certain level of education. We do not explain from ABC. So not everyone can understand everything we explain. If you don’t understand our videos, at least watch the WHOLE video, do not come straight to swearing in the comment section! Even better, sit down in front of a computer, watch it again and think it through. If you still don’t get it, sorry that this video is not for you. You may ask questions in the comments, but we don’t answer individual questions that are already addressed in videos or that we assume viewers should know.

Q: You should not reveal other people’s trick. You are a hater.
A: In the business world, if you steal confidential information from other companies, reveal it or re-use it, you are in the wrong both legally and ethically. However, if you figure out how others do what they do yourself, it is 100% legal to share whatever you find. The intention is not to ruin the fun. The intention is also not to ruin the reputation of performers. Contrary, by understanding what’s behind the trick, we learn how to perform an illusion and truly appreciate how much talent it takes for performers to plan out a trick. For example, you don’t understand the theory of Relativity, you don’t understand how great Albert Einstein is. He is just another Nobel prize winner to you, isn’t he?
So, we are not haters. You are. You are hating our good intentions.

Q: If you are so smart, why don’t you go to AGT yourself instead of revealing other’s trick?
A: We have never made any claim who are smarter. It is not the purpose of our videos to show off what we can do. Instead, the purpose is to show what we like to do: analyze, share and educate. That’s all. In fact, some acts are not analyzable due to different factors. Some acts just don’t have enough information display on TV for analysis and for us to draw any reasonable conclusions.
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