Reading minds | Marvin Chun | TEDxYale

Can psychologists read dreams? Watch Marvin Chun’s fascinating talk to find out more.

Marvin Chun is a cognitive neuroscientist with research interests in visual attention, memory. and perception. His lab employs neuroimaging (fMRI) and behavioral techniques to study how people perceive and remember visual information. His work in visual attention explores why people can consciously perceive only a small portion of all of the sensory information coming through the eyes. The lab’s research on memory investigates the neuronal correlates of memory encoding and retrieval. What are the fMRI signatures of memory traces in the brain? Much of his work on the interactions between memory and attention has centered on the role of context and associative learning. Finally, our work in perception examines the fundamental question of how the brain discriminates objects to make quick, efficient perceptual decisions.

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