Raffaele Scircoli fools penn and Teller// Fool us: Crazy mentalism puppet act

From Penn and Teller theater Las Vegas!!




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  1. So the guy was told to raise his arm if he felt a touch. Then half way through the guy started raising individual fingers and standing up? I call BS. The guy from the audience was obviously a stooge

  2. I think I get how the first part was made, the guy moves his arms because he actually get "touched". The second part is a total mistery for me, I can't understand if the trick is in the music or in the chairs. I hope I'll get it!

  3. Mask and earplugs have to be gimmicked in some way. But I'm assuming P&T found nothing when inspected it which either means this is a REALLY good trick or its gimmicked in way they don't know. Now Penn's note about the orchestra got me curious about the timing of the movements. I did noticed there was 5 seconds between each move sometimes it was 10. The music starts at 3:14, first move is at 3:24, and the next 3:30, 3:36. This goes for the doll act as well but its much more obvious because you hear this machine like sound. He doesn't start the doll segment until he heard that sound. I don't know how this causes him to raise his hand and stuff, but I do know this is the first really good mentalism act I've seen. It really shows because I spent way too much time trying to figuring the timing and all the other stuff. Never done that before for any mentalism act.

  4. Hi Rafael!
    I bought your D' Angelo's Touch from Luca Volpe Productions and IT WAS AWESOME! It's so great to see you use it here on the first phase of the routine. Ever since I learnt your PK Touch, I have used it on my every magic show and it is definitely a reputation maker. AWESOME!

  5. My thoughts: Electronics? No. Dual Reality? Yes. Obvious standard PK Touches apply. I had just bought the downloads, and that's only part of this. I do feel like your blocking does affect how a few things happened, but not sure how or what.

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