Quantum Physics Explains The Law Of Attraction

Some say that there can be no connection between the atomic level and thought, between particles and human interaction, that virtual particles can not be thought, and that there is no proof for the law of attraction in quantum physics.

A particle, whether it’s a virtual particle or a real physical particle, does not even exist until an observer (ie. a person) focuses a thought upon it and causes it to appear from nowhere. Before that moment, it was only a probability, a specific frequency, raw information that had no locality and no form. The act of a thought brought it into existence. And, raw information itself is a thought (intelligence), and a thought (intelligence) is raw information. These are all commonly accepted principles in quantum physics.

For the connection that a virtual particle is intelligence (a thought) being communicated between like-particles, information being exchanged, therefore thoughts, see the decades-long work of physicist Dr. David Bohm, whose theories are widely accepted among quantum physicists. He also says the universe (and everything in it) is constructed like a hologram, where all the information of the whole is distributed equally everywhere in the whole, and the information of the whole is available at any given point in the whole, and that everything is composed of pure frequencies, pure intelligence, pure thought – everything is.

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Quantum Physics Explains The Law Of Attraction

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