PTSD Hypnosis Session

With the alarming rate of suicides among veterans suffering from PTSD, Essential Mind Matters accepted this as a call for action. We have created this free hypnosis recording to help fill the void in effective, accessible treatment. Well this was created with the vets in mind it works for anyone suffering from PTSD or anxiety disorder.

To be sure you gain the most benefit from this program, combine regular use of the hypnosis session with tools provided in the PDF that accompanies it. It is recommended that you continue listening daily for 21-66 days in order to recognize the full potential of your mind to create positive, lasting change. Although you can listen to this hypnosis recording whenever you need to, first thing in the morning and directly before bed are ideal times to bring about rapid change.

Please feel free to share this free download with anyone who may be in need.

Wishing you success on your journey, Jeannine Sanderson and Dallas Auker of Essential Mind Matters.