PROGRAM Your MIND for Success, Growth, & Prosperity. Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep.

These powerful growth & success affirmations will change your mind set into one of growth, prosperity, and abundance. Listen while you sleep to this affirmation video and program your subconscious mind power to attract wealth and happiness. PROGRAM Your MIND for Success, Growth, & Prosperity. Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 50 Affirmations:
I am the master of my thoughts.
Every day in every way I am acting more like a successful person.
I only permit positive thoughts to remain in my mind.
I think big.
I am incredibly successful.
Everything that I need is being supplied.
I attract success into all areas of my life.
Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.
I am highly motivated and productive.
My mind is a magnet for greatness.
Happiness and success are automatic for me.
I am a strong individual who attracts greatness.
Opportunities just seem to fall into my lap.
Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me.
I become more successful each day.
Every day, I become better at what I do.
I continuously enhance all areas of my life.
Success and growth are the outcomes of my work.
I am proud of my achievements.
My dreams materialize before my eyes.
I am passionate about being more successful.
I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.
I am a magnet for success.
I have the courage to make positive changes in my life.
I am decisive, and confidently take action.
Each and every day, I feel calm, confident, and powerful.
At every turn, opportunities appear before me.
It is so easy for me to succeed, even in the face of criticism.
I believe I am worthy of greatness and success.
I choose to create a successful life for myself.
Great things always seem to come my way.
Love, health, and success are attracted to me.
My success is infinite.
Others are inspired by my success.
When I go after what I want, I receive it.
I deserve success.
The universe always provides for me.
I act with assurance, confidence, and grace.
My goals and dreams always come true.
Unexpected money simply falls into my lap.
I always take the correct path that leads me to success.
I acknowledge my own self-worth, and my confidence rises.
I trust my intuition and I always make wise decisions.
Successful people are attracted to me.
I have an unstoppable confidence within me.
Every day, I am more and more successful.
I take charge of my life by taking positive action to improve it.
My personality radiates confidence, success, and optimism.
I attract the best of everything.
Opportunities come with each door that I open.

PROGRAM Your MIND for Success, Growth, & Prosperity. Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep.

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