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Hypnosis has long been used to treat war-related post-traumatic conditions. More recently it has been used in cases of sexual assault (including rape), anesthesia failure, Holocaust survival, and car accidents. Hypnosis induces a deep state of relaxation, which may help patients with PTSD feel more safe and less anxious, decrease intrusive thoughts, and become re-involved in daily activities.
The post traumatic stress disorder hypnosis download mp3 by Dr. Steve G. Jones does offer an effective method for working with PTSD-type symptoms. The relief from these symptoms depends on identifying the traumatizing event and then integrating the emotions that were not processed at the time of the event. This post traumatic stress disorder hypnosis download mp3 by Dr. Steve G. Jones uses techniques that integrate the event and its severe effects within your psyche to transform your relationship to the trauma and integrate the experience into your being.

While this PTSD hypnosis download mp3 by Dr. Steve G. Jones is not the only way to relieve the symptoms of PTSD and other psychological disorders, it does seem to help clients on a long-term basis.

“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Hypnosis” by Dr. Steve G. Jones is a free hypnosis video download designed for individuals suffering from PTSD. Hypnosis has long been recognized as a viable form of therapy for war-related PTSD conditions. In recent years, hypnotherapy has emerged as a way to address the trauma caused by sexual assault, painful accidents, and Holocaust survival. Hypnotherapy addresses the subconscious part of the mind and aims to understand your PTSD triggers.

As you listen to this video download over and over again, you’ll be able to manage your reactions to your stressors and lead a normal and happy life. “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” by Dr. Steve G. Jones uses hypnosis techniques such as positive suggestion and mental conditioning among many others, integrating the traumatic event and its debilitating effects within your psyche. In time, this video will help change your relationship with the trauma will become a more normal part of your well-being.


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