People Have Their Minds F*cked With By A Mentalist

“I don’t have any logical explanation for how that could’ve happened.”

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  1. They had a mentalist on the howard stern show once and they did the flip through the pages trick. To make a very awkward, cringy, uncomfortable 20 minutes of radio/tv because although impressed howard stern and artie lange accidentally exposed a few of his tricks. All they did….was ask to use there OWN PEN NOT HIS, you could see the anxiety and fear instantly, it wss so obvious how nervous he was and stern literally realised the trick, and like most magic or mentalism once you know how its done it instantly becomes lame and pointless. Long story short on how they did this was they noticed he always had a pen and gave the same pen to everyone in the studio and he was getting everything right, howard stern innocently sugguest maybe theres a camera in that particular pen, and the mentalist let out a giant gulp, he than awkwardly got evert question afterwards wrong, it became so uncomfortable that even howard stern him self qas uncomfortable

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