Penn & Teller Fool Us Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay & Frankie the Mind reading monkey

Penn & Teller Fool Us Sean Paul & Juliana Fay
#PennandTellerFoolUs season 4

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  1. Hello Sean Paul, seen you and your wife on Penn and Teller which is one of my favorite shows. My husband and I was in Eureka Springs in 2012 and seen your show . We loved it. We also loved the act you did on Penn and Teller . Hope we can come out to Eureka Springs again sometime.

  2. i really dislike acts involving animals, especially exotic ones. It is degrading and cruel. Not to mention it introduces animals and possibly pests and parasites not native to the land, it encourages trapping and illegal animal trade. More importantly it assumes everyone watching is an idiot who doesn't see a tortured creature right in front of them. As far as I'm concerned, killing it would be a kindness compared to this shit.

  3. Hi guys! I’m also pretty gung-ho on animal rights, although I’m perhaps less strident than the commenter from four days ago. But there is a pretty strong argument to be made that even semi-domesticated animals live considerably attenuated lives compared to life as they’d live it in the wild — that they’ll never have the kind of rich stimulus among humans as they would living with their own kind, that a part of them will atrophy and remain unexpressed … and of course, there’s the argument that they can’t even consent to being onstage, in showbiz, etc., in the first place … and all of this is pretty valid. (Please understand I’m not attacking or criticizing, I just want to unpack what the view is opposing wild animal ownership.)

    But I do accept that animals are in zoos, in showbiz, that their habitats are being destroyed by our own miserable heartless species, and that maybe showbiz animals raise public awareness of their cousins’ plight in the wild, maybe zoos will be the last iota of wildness we can conserve in this unregulated asphalt-covered Hell we are creating, so on…

    All of which is to say: it looks like Frankie is loved and happy and well cared-for! 🙂❤️🐒 And you do have some videos up of him playing and having his ears cleaned and getting a little manicure, hanging out with his cat housemates.

    But it might be even better if you kept up some videos, pinned near the top, of Frankie getting to be a monkey, swinging from trees (or from indoor beams if need be), maybe hanging out with other real monkeys (instead of freaking out over stuffed animal monkeys), just being happy and cared-for. Just more videos of Frankie being happy offstage. I think for a lot of us, we’d at least be a little reassured if Frankie’s well-being were more front-and-center to your channel. And have you considered introducing an overt conservation message into your act? That’d go a long way towards balancing out the karma of the whole operation. I’d think Frankie would love it if all his hard work could raise awareness, even a little, regarding the plight of wild cousins face!

    Just my $0.02. Nice magic act!

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