Oprah Winfrey powerful inspiring words that speaks to the laws of attraction

I wasn’t “looking for” anything just was flipping the channels with the remote late one nite and came across Oprah Winfrey speaking powerful words of truth never had something to draw me like that before ,only when I was a young child , we as children believe and dreamed with out a care never knowing the harm that would come to us, if we stop believing in are hopes and dreams, but I happened ,it happened all over again I remember me. As a small child and this feeling came over me ,it was a very lite feeling of a cool breeze and a warm feeling of comfort inside. Now Iam saying to myself but, speaking this out of my soul ,out of my mouth I know this feeling I was here before…..I AM home again ,I begin to cry tears of greatfulness and joy . May I speak to you all ,I was about 12 when my life changed ,Iam sorry……I lost the person that gave me hope and instilled in me visions hope, mountains of dreams and rivers of waters that if stepped into them you would became one with it. She was my Great Gram. Always said Love and forgive with the soul and She a lways told me to look up because thats where blessings and hopes and good dreams and words of tomorrows come from. And prosperity grows and as we grow As children we plant this seeds in hearts and our souls and as we look up with gratefullness our seeds grow with us .Gram always said, never,ever look down unless your helping someone up and still, don’t look down just help them up and share your seeds so someone else can grow…wow, 33 years has past and i was sleep all that time.Because I would not forgive Gram for leaving me. Ever lesson that has came in my life for the past 33 years WHILE A WAS SLEEP has showed me who..I AM.

Yours Truly….I AM GREATFULL ..AMEN..