On Mentalism… Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism

Anyone who has seen Derren Brown perform will have some familiarity (although they may not know it) with the art of Mentalism, as it is the performance art that he so deftly demonstrates through his television and live shows. Whilst Derren rarely uses the term ‘mentalism’ he does a nice job of summing it up and framing it in saying that what he does fuses “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.”

For me, hypnosis and mentalism are allied arts for a number of reasons. Firstly (and most obviously) hypnosis and hypnotic communication are powerful tools in the arsenal of the mentalist – good mentalists are adept at directing attention, leading cognition and seeding ideas… which is exactly what we are doing when we do hypnosis.

Secondly, mentalism and hypnosis are both about leading people into altered perceptions of reality. They may differ in the tools and techniques they deploy, but essentially with both you are looking to create, and have people buy into, new realities.

Thirdly, many of the skills that are required to perform effective and impactful mentalism are the same skills required by effective hypnotists and professional influencers – frame setting, directing attention, building responsiveness, reading non-verbals, managing rapport and status dynamics etc. For this reason, studying and practising mentalism generates an excellent context for the development of some highly functional life skills! And for me, this is the reason that I continue to be drawn back to playing and experimenting with mentalism (just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in :-D)


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