Noam Chomsky’s Language Theory: Best explanation you will ever hear (UGC NET English)

The list of prominent writers for UGC NET English holds the name of Noam Chomsky as well among various other writers.
To summarize, Chomsky was unconvinced by other thinkers, like John Locke, who argued that people are born blank slates. Instead, Chomsky argued that children learning to speak cannot possibly start as blank slates because they simply don’t have enough information to perform many of the complex grammatical maneuvers he observed them making. According to Chomsky, our proverbial slates cannot be completely blank when we are born; we must be hard-wired with structures in our brains, or what he called language acquisition devices (LADs). The LAD is a hypothetical tool hardwired into the brain that helps children rapidly learn and understand language.To get a glimpse of Noam Chomsky’s works tune into this video.

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