NLP Anchoring in Hypnosis Induction – Visual and Spatial Anchoring – The Bubble Induction

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OK, so if you know me, you all know that I am no believer in ‘trance’ as a basis for hypnosis, but I have gone ahead and called this the ‘Bubble Induction’ anyway 🙂 just for the sheer convenience of having a label for the process. This is by no means the most flashy piece of hypnosis, but it certainly is currently proving to be one of the most useful!

At the moment I am using this pretty much as standard for opening hypnosis and/or mentalism demonstrations. It serves to set useful frames, demarcate the period of altered reality and ‘close the show’ afterwards (this, for me, is especially useful in impromptu situations, where I want step back out of the role of ‘hypnotist’ and back into the role of ‘human being’).

Just to mention (especially for the NLP heads out there), there is some useful stuff in here on spatial organisation and spatial and visual anchoring that you are unlikely to hear elsewhere… which is just as relevant to conversational hypnosis and influential communication in general as it is overt hypnosis.

Enjoy the vid!


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