Motivate Yourself & Cure Procrastination | Guided Meditation | Sleep Hypnosis

Guided hypnosis for pulling yourself up out of life’s holes and becoming a better, more motivated you. Help yourself stop procrastination with this peaceful sleep hypnosis audio. Open your mind to a higher level or deeper, subconscious understanding. Heal your mind with true relaxation.

All forms of hypnosis are self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive experience.

This channel uses positive voice suggestions, often accompanied with calm images, background sounds and meditation music, to allow you your very best state of relaxation, inner change, to remove negative blocks, and to create self guided healing therapy; with techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy, modern psychotherapy, trance work, guided relaxation, NLP, cognitive behavioural psychology, mindfulness meditation, and ASMR.