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Solfeggio Healing Frequencies for the deepest healing: Have you ever wondered why listening to Gregorian or Sanskrit chanting is quite so restorative? Well, the answer lies in the tone of the music itself. It is, you see, all down to the Solfeggio healing frequencies. A group of therapeutic frequencies, which has been derived from an ancient musical scale. Astonishingly, you see, each frequency has its own unique potential to restore equilibrium to the body as well as the mind. Ultimately, that’s why listening to ancient sacred chanting is so soothing. Because it taps directly into the incredible therapeutic potential of the Solfeggio healing frequencies.

All in all, there are 6 fundamental Solfeggio healing frequencies.

* 396 Hz – nurtures liberation from guilt and fear
* 417 Hz – facilitates positive change
* 528 Hz – boosts healing and bodily repair
* 639 Hz – fosters harmonious relationships and open communication
* 741 Hz – promotes problem-solving and self-expression
* 852 Hz – restores spiritual balance

The scientific community is beginning to catch on to the boundless potential of the Solfeggio frequencies. For example, a study of the effects of different types of music on human DNA delivered remarkable results. When exposed to Gregorian or Sanskrit chanting, the DNA absorbed markedly more UV light than it did under control conditions. How much more exactly? Well, 5-9% more.

Now, that mightn’t immediately strike you as incredibly significant. But the thing is that UV absorption just so happens to be a critical marker of DNA health. So, in other words, it’s actually a really big deal. To understand just how big, bear in mind that classical music only produced nominal increases in UV absorption and rock music actually decreased absorption rates.

More to the point, all of this chimes with findings made elsewhere. Did you know, for example, that performing Gregorian chants has been shown to correlate with decreases in heart rate and blood pressure? Or how about the fact that Gregorian chanting is known to combat depression and fatigue?

More broadly speaking, pulses of Solfeggio frequencies can benefit patients suffering from osteoporosis. And even more broadly speaking, experiments conducted on snails have linked exposure to Solfeggio frequencies with increases in concentration and activity levels.

But that’s not the end of it. A Japanese study linked the Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz with reduced stress in not only the autonomic nervous system but the endocrine system too. For good measure, another study found that exposure to 528 Hz could reduce the toxic effect of ethanol. And, if all that wasn’t enough, this therapeutic frequency has even been shown to extend cell life by as much as 20%.

To answer this question we’re going to have to dip back into the scientific literature. You see, it all has to do with something called the Schumann resonance. Without wishing to bore you with the details, this essentially refers to the fact that electromagnetic waves produced by lightning strikes resonate at a very low frequency of 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz.

Now, this is where things get really interesting. You see, it has been shown that the Schumann resonance closely mirrors the resonance patterns exhibited by numerous brainwave states. And not only that. Oh no. To cap it all off the Solfeggio healing frequencies just so happen to harmonize with the Schumann resonance of 8 Hz.

As a result, the reason why the Solfeggio frequencies are so therapeutic is that they effectively harmonize with both the planet and the mind.
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