Mind Games | The Clairvoyants | TEDxKlagenfurt

Wait, What? How did they do this? That’s the first thing, that will go through your mind after seeing an amazing Amélie and Thommy, a magician duo called the Clairvoyants, who read cards, dice, and numbers while blindfolded. Who knows, maybe it’s Mentalism or maybe it’s a set of tricks. What we know for sure about this mind-blowing performance is that it’s truly magnificent.

The mystical duo Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass, both born in Austria, have performed all across the globe with the largest magic show THE ILLUSIONISTS. In 2016 America voted them a second place in America’s Got Talent show. “The German Champions of Mentalism,” “Magicians of the Year 2015,” and also “World Champions of Mentalism,” awarded couple might not change your believes, but they will definitely blow your mind.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx



  1. wait wtf! why is I the same items, cell phone, lipstick, oh and also she said the same thing in Americas got talent, "I like the shade…" and also, she said in AGT "Some kind of drops" Eye drops ECT, of course! SHE SAYS THE SAME THINGS AND THE SAME ITEMS! She says in AGT "Is there a number on the lipstick?" She says the same thing here, and also she says "Don't say what it is, that's my job……." WTF IVE MADE A CONSPIRACY OR SOMETHING, PEOPLE HAVE TO BE IN ON IT, THATS WAY TO MUCH OF A COINCIDENT FOR THEM TO SAY THE EXACT SAME THINGS, AND ALSO, THE EXACT SAME ITEMS, IN ORDER!? WHAT??? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS NOTICED THIS OR WHAT?????

  2. I from Poland and i must ask The Clairvoyants about source… it's a occultic practise? (sorry for my english)

    I am very curious when i will say sincere prayers to God in my mind and at that moment this lady was trying to read something, I wonder if it would be possible then … hmm?
    (ance again sorry for my english)

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