Mind Control and Manipulation (Patent# US 6506148 B2)

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Patent Source: http://www.google.com/patents/US6506148



  1. Can you pleas explean abut Us patent nr 5,280,500.
    Pleas I ordered internet and they connect my telephone to this pretend I have to know what is this pretent is about. is it can harm me?
    they put number three 13 time after my telephone number and I come to these patterns please explain about this
    these patent

  2. so I just googled the patent…as soon as the search loads my computer screen isnt working well. couldn't click on anything, every time I tried it was like I was clicking in a differnt spot if that makes sense. I wonder if there's a connection 😅

  3. Its all the same all digital screens do the same as television. Blame it on our Presidents like Ronald Reagan who doubled the nano technology with electrical magnetic pulses through any screen smart phones to all monitorsVandee Digitalis

  4. as soon as you are born, you are giving a name, national origin, religion and race, you are being programmed !!! in church they teach you praying for God, in school they teach you patriotism in form of love to the flag and hymn. both of them in the name of justice!!! you are being programmed. !!! you are programmed right now and you will continue to be programmed unless you understand the system. and even after understanding. i'ts really difficult to overcome it. this is true. try to abandon religion, if you already did good, but now try to abandon patriotism and nationality?? is as difficult as religion, when you practice religion for so many years ti becomes so attached to you that it's another form of patriotism, both extremely difficult to overcome. if you accept both of them then you are programmed .

  5. implying its only tv..
    its the radio the tvs the fucking phones even electrical light might be manipulated to such a degree. Alexa fucking brainwash me with my new smart light bulbs. Get off the fucking grid.

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