Mentalist Spidey on TMZ and The Today Show

TMZ, NBC’s the Today show and Masters of Illusion on the CW all in one week!!! Here is a behind the scenes look at the insane week I had, including some never before seen footage of me backstage on Masters of Illusion preparing the craziest trick I’ve EVER done on television!

full phobias trick

full “today show” clip

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  1. So here's an inside look at the insanity that was last week for me! Hope you guys enjoy all this crazy stuff! Remember, I'll be here to answer any and all questions for 30 minutes… well 29; took me a minute to write this….aaaand GO!

  2. So crazy man! Not that I have arachnaphobia or anything, I'm just sure that wasnt comfortable for anyone. The things you do for the climax. Beautiful man.

    P.s. I want to learn the TMZ trick!!!

  3. my guess- every card has ryan reynolds… even first few other "sample" top prep- explanation cards in deck which also had other actor names rough carded on back.. (which, had one of those top cards been the one picked…could have also shown ryan too… if slip reveal was needed..) Even if I'm'd never say…so why am I bothering? –Cuz it's boring here at the home.

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